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Welcome back to Between the Sheets. Last week I took a brief hiatus but this week I'm back with a new set of stories that are just waiting to be read. This week's post is all about first's. There's a first time for everyhting, especially when it comes to the intimate side of life.

Submitted by: Cherry Picker

I’m not going to beat around the bush, when I was in my early twenties I got around. I’m not ashamed of it. Women have just as much a right to sow their wild oats as men do. Besides, I had a lot of great times with a lot of really sexy men. Out of all the sexy times I’ve had there is one that really stands out, and not because it was particularly exciting, but because it wasn’t.

I’m fairly certain, though not 100%, that one guy I dated only went out with me because he wanted to lose his virginity. The reason I’m not certain about his virgin status is because I never asked him and it really didn’t cross my mind until after we had sex.
We met through a mutual friend and went on a couple dates. He was only a couple years younger than me but emotionally he was closer to a teenager. He still lived at home with his dad and was completely obsessed with Dragon Ball Z. For those of you who don’t know, Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese cartoon about some guy who has balls with dragons in them…or something. Anyway it was like dating a teenager, and the more I got to know him the more I wondered what his deal was. He never spent the night at my house, he never tried to go down my pants when we made out, and after several dates we still hadn’t gotten passed kissing. Every time things would heat up he’d get really nervous and make some excuse about having to go home.

I started to think that he wasn’t attracted to me or that maybe he was gay and was dating me because he didn’t want his construction coworkers to find out. I really didn’t know what the deal was. Then one afternoon he called me and asked if my roommates were home. I said no, and he asked if he could come over. When he got there he seemed really nervous. We started making out and after a bit he started to take off my pants. Finally! I thought, for a split second anyway until I realized that he had taken off his pants and was putting on a condom. There was no foreplay. None. No nipple play, no cunnilingus, not even any heavy petting. He also seemed to be a little uncertain as to how to proceed with the condom. Anyway we had sex and it was strictly missionary and over very quickly. He also didn’t move any part of his body except his pelvis. Obviously I didn't cum and he didn’t offer to help me with that, nor did he want to cuddle. He just had this silly sheepish grin on his face as he put his pants back on. He declined to spend the night and that was the last time I saw him.

A few days later I saw our mutual friend and he said he’d heard that I’d “made a man” out of his friend. I had no idea what he meant. But now looking back I think that I most likely took his virginity. I just wish he had told me ahead of time because I could have given him some serious pointers that would have helped him down the road.


Sudmitted by: Anonymous

I was 12 the first time I saw a naked man. I was in Air Cadets, which is like the army but for kids (thanks dad), and we were going door to door raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation. I came up to one house and the front door was one of those French type doors with glass panels in it. I could see clearly into the house. I rang the doorbell, and I saw a little boy come out from a room that was to the left of the door and cross in front of the door (without looking at me) and walk into the bathroom which was to the right of the door. From where I was standing I had a clear view of the bathroom and the shower. I looked through the glass and saw a large, wet, hairy, naked man who had just got out of the shower. It was such a weird experience, seeing a naked man and a penis for the first time. I straight up gawked, open mouthed at him. He didn't notice me. Eventually I ran away and giggled uncontrollably for days. It was the talk of my social group for months, because we were 12 and didn’t have much else going on.


Submitted by: WIZARDSLEEVE

I went to college in an extremely religious city in BC. About 2/3 of the people who went to my school could best be described as bible thumpers. One day a friend of a friend, we’ll call him J, struck up a conversation about growing up in a mega-Catholic family. J regaled me with fascinating tales about being an altar boy. Being in an experimental phase, I decided that “former altar boy” (J) needed to be checked off my fuck list. I also thought it would be funny as hell. And it was…until he fell to his knees and started loudly weeping because he had been a virgin and thought the whore of Babylon had just tricked him into an eternity of hell fire. Then he started praying, and then it just got awkward.


Well I hope you enjoyed today's stories.