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Happy Saturday and welcome back to another installment of Between the Sheets. We've got some pretty funny stories lined up today, I hope you enjoy them.

Submitted by: Anonymous
Back in the 80’s when I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child, and my husband and I went to the movies. I didn’t have anything to eat while we were there but I did drink an entire large ginger ale by myself. After the movie we drove up to a really romantic spot that overlooked our town. It was kind of one of those typical make out spots that you see in the movies. So we start making out and my husband asks if I would give him a blow job. So I start to go down on him, and I start getting really into it. Kind of showing off a little, like deep throating and basically trying to impress him with my skills. So anyway I was leaning over across the front seat and maybe it was the way the baby was pushing on my stomach or the carbonation of the pop, but suddenly without warning I vomited the entire large ginger ale into his lap. His whole crotch and the driver’s seat was soaked. I think that was the last blowjob he got while I was pregnant.

Submitted by: Cherry Pie
My dad raised me on his own. He was a really great dad but totally out of his element when it came to talking to his daughter about sex. Seriously his would get visibly embarrassed even if we watched a movie together that had side boob in it. When I was 19 I guess he decided it was time for “the talk” (a bit too late I might add). He opened my bedroom door and said in a really loud and obviously uncomfortable voice. “I don’t expect you to wait till marriage but don’t be stupid, use condoms.” Then he threw a box of condoms at me and slammed the door. He hid in the garage for the rest of the day.

Submitted by: Silver fox
One night, many many years ago, I was out drinking and I ran into this guy that I hooked up with on occasion. Let’s call him Zack. He worked out of town so our hook ups were random and based around his work schedule. Anyway we decide to go back to my place. I should mention that this was during a decade when it was almost expected that women removed their pubic hair (maybe it still is I don’t know but I have ceased to give a f**k) anyway it was BS then but as a young and insecure woman I bought into the whole idea. Anyway Zack had only ever seen me hair free and had commented many times that that was how he preferred things. This time though for some reason I had lapsed on the hair up keep and was sporting a full bush. Well in my semi drunken state I got so self-conscious that I told him I wanted to have a bath before we had sex. He said no problem. So we drank a bit more then I ran a bath and hastily shaved off all traces of hair. By this point in the night I was pretty drunk and not really thinking about anything other than getting laid. So I drained the tub, rinsed off, and went and had some great sex. Well afterward Zack walks into the bathroom to pee, and I’ll I hear is “uh what happened to your tub? Is that yours?! That’s so gross” Apparently I had forgotten to rinse the tub after I was done shaving and there was about a 3 inch think ring of pubes around the inside where the water line had been. It seriously looked like a Yeti had blown its coat. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t admit that the hair was mine so in a drunken stroke of genius I said “I don’t know maybe one of my roommates had a bath and shaved while we were having sex.” He looked at me like I was the biggest idiot he’d ever seen. He obviously didn’t buy it, and that was the last time we slept together.

That wraps up another installment of Between the Sheets. I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts and if you’d like to read more come back next Saturday. If you have a great story that you’d like to share DON"T BE SHY! Please send it to [email protected] Until next week.