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Hello and welcome back to Between the Sheets, our weekly blog post where I share with you reader submitted stories of truly hilarious and sometimes embarrassing sexual encounters. If you have your own story that you’d like to share, send it on over to [email protected]

Submitted by: Anonymous

I have a friend. When we were younger, every time we went out to the bar she would have men crawling all over her. And I do mean crawling. While she was pretty, she was by no means a beauty queen and at the time she was a bit over weight, but none the less she always had a string of guys following her around the bar.
Finally I one day I asked her what her secret was. At first she pretended to not know what I was talking about, but after some persistence on my part she finally gave in and told me the following story:

-A while back she had dated a guy who was constantly all over her. Like he just couldn’t get enough. One day they had a 7 hour sex session. Later when she was walking home she noticed that she was getting a lot of attention from men. Like a lot. She figured that since she had been having sex all day that she must smell like it and that that must be what was driving them all crazy.

So just before she went out to the bar the next time, she masturbated. She then dabbed some of her, um, juices behind her ears, and on her chest and neck. Sure enough men couldn’t get enough of her and ever since she had done that every night before she went out. -

Well, after she told me that I tried it too, and boy howdy was I ever popular!

Submitted by: Shy Guy

My BF and I recently flew from Calgary to Vancouver. We were planning to be away for some time so of course we packed an assortment of toys to entertain us during any down time we would have. We only took carry-on so that meant that our bags were subjected to the very intrusive searches that are customary at the airport.
My BF’s bag passed no problem, but when mine went through the x-ray I noticed that a bunch of security had begun to gather around the screen and were pointing at something and discussing it.

So of course I got flagged for secondary inspection. I got not one but two security women and when they opened my bag they both just sort of stood there staring. Finally one leans over to the other and loudly whispers “Oh God, don’t make me touch that thing”. That “thing” that she was referring to was our purple, double ended dildo that we had brought along (and which obviously we had cleaned before packing). So the other agent puts on a pair of gloves and reaches into the bag and pulls out the dildo. She looks at me with a big grin on her face and says, “I bet you have a lot of fun with this thing” and I said, “Double the fun, actually”.

That's all for this week's Between the Sheets.