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Welcome back you sex positive humans. I wanted to talk about something I actually have little experience with, but since working here at the Art of Loving sex shop in Vancouver have had more opportunity to learn about. Blind folds!

A slightly beginners sexual activity yes, and because of that I have always discounted it as boring and not worth my time. I could not be more wrong.

Blindfolds can be added to many sexual activities and help to heighten your senses by taking away the element of sight. There are some safety concerns but as long as you’re not on a rooftop and you trust your partner it’s a fun activity. One way of utilizing blindfolds is in combination with other kinky activities such as spanking or flogging. The element of surprise can be exciting and make the whole experience more thrilling. Or just add it to your normal routine to add heightened sensation play and anticipation. 

Blindfolds come in a variety of colors and materials. At our Vancouver sex shop we carry softer satin ones as well as leather ones more likely to match your other kink gear. One of our faves is the reversible one HERE. What ever your preference is come in and pick one up and give sensation play a try or visit our website and have one sent to you by mail.