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We have all heard something along the lines of “Dude that sex blew my mind, I forgot where I was for a second”. But apparently sex especially one with an orgasm can cause temporary memory loss. It can be put down to the change in blood flow that happens during arousal and orgasm.

“Transient global amnesia is a sudden and temporary impairment of memory during which a person cannot learn or recall new information (anterograde amnesia) and may also have difficulty recalling old memories (retrograde amnesia).” Baird

During Transient Global Amnesia the person is still aware of who they are but they are generally confused and don’t remember recent events.  In a study on what caused these types of cases sex was reported as a cause in a third of cases.

                A more serious reaction to sex can in fact be a stroke. If you happen to have a brain aneurysm, a balloon like protrusion of a blood vessel in the brain, sex and orgasm can cause it too burst causing a stroke. So, the sex could literally blow your mind. The studies also took in to account who you were having sex with. Apparently, affairs or very new partners pose a higher risk as those are more stressful. You can of course keep your health in check in other ways like less alcohol and fat to lower your blood pressure. But it is true that sex can indeed literally blow your mind.