Curious About Love Languages?

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Curious About Love Languages?

A dive into the five different ways people feel cared for.

We tend to stay where we feel genuinely cared about.

This is why there is great value in understanding that people feel loved in distinctly different ways, an idea well captured by Dr. Gary Chapman's work on The Five Love Languages.

Dr. Chapman describes the five primary love languages as follows:

1. Kind words - when your loved one speaks kindly to you, encourages you, gives you an unexpected and genuine compliment, or tells you that he or she cares about you.


2. Quality time - when you and your loved one spend quality time together.


3. Gifts - when your loved one surprises you with a gift. The cost of the gift is irrelevant. You feel cared about because he or she spent time thinking about you and what might delight you.


4. Acts of service - when your loved one does things that makes your life less stressful or more enjoyable. Like the feeling you get when you're tired and hungry after a long day, only to be pleasantly surprised to find that the dishes are already washed, the lawn is mowed, or there is a nice meal waiting for you.


5. Physical affection - when you and your loved one share a warm embrace or other physical contact that reflects deeply caring about each other.  


While Dr. Chapman's work on love languages was originally intended to be helpful to couples, awareness of the idea that everyone feels most loved in their own way is important to be mindful of in all of our relationships.


Do you know your primary love language? Do those closest to you know which language makes you feel most cared about?


Do you know the primary love language of those you are closest to?


Well worth discussing to maintain and strengthen our most meaningful bonds.


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