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Let’s talk dental dams. They were originally invented in 1864 by Sanford Barnum, for dentists to use during dental surgery. So, if you’ve ever had a dental procedure done, you’ve probably used one.

Why are they in a sex shop you ask? From time to time, I’ll get that question in-store, and I’ll explain: the rectangular sheet of either latex or polyurethane is also used during oral/genital and oral/anal sex. While the risk of getting an STI from oral sex is considerably lower than penetrative sex, it can still happen, so very handy to have one kickin’ around for some impromptu fun.

They aren’t super common to find mind you, so here’s a way you can make dental dams out of regular condoms:

Image credit: Diego Sabogal.

Also, check out this article from The Atlantic ! A good read on how the popularization of dental dams for sex is closely linked to the LGBTQ community.