Everything You Need to Know About Teledildonics (But Were Too Afraid to Ask!)

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Everything You Need to Know About Teledildonics (But Were Too Afraid to Ask!)

You’ve probably heard the word teledildonics on your sex toy odyssey, but what it actually means can be a bit trickier to pin down. I’m here to tell you everything you need to know!

What Are Teledildonics

The term teledildonics refers both to remote-controlled sex toys and the technology behind them. Essentially, any toy that can be controlled from a long distance – usually via Bluetooth and a smartphone app- would be considered a teledildonic.

Teledildonic technology has been around since the 1980s, but the emergence of smartphones and wireless data connections have allowed teledildonics to rapidly evolve over the past decade. Major player in the teledildonics market include Lovense, Kiiroo, WeVibe, and Lelo. These devices tend to be more expensive than other sex toys, but this reflects their upgraded features and usability – particularly for couples in a long-distance relationship.

How Do Teledildonics Work?

Teledildonics have wireless connectivity – usually Bluetooth – built-in. They are paired with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and from there, you can either keep control of the toy, or hand it over to a partner. All your partner needs is the right smartphone app for the toy, an internet connection, and permission to take the lead!

There are several types of teledildonic toys, including rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, prostate massagers, butt plugs, and strokers. Some toys actually sync with each other. For example, a rabbit vibrator and a stroker – when one partner makes a move with their device, the sensation is replicated on the other’s. It’s the closest thing to couple’s sex that toys can provide!

It’s really up to the individual or couple how they use teledildonic toys. A lot of long-distance partners use their toys while video calling, which helps to keep the spark alive, even when they’re not together in person.

Couples can hand control of wearable devices over to their partners as they go about their day, giving them the opportunity to start the vibrations with no warning! This is a really thrilling experience, especially if you’re in public, trying not to give the game away!

What Are the Best Teledildonics?

Now that I’ve extolled to virtues of teledildonics, let’s take a look at the best examples



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