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Menstrual Cups have fascinated me for a long time but I have yet to get my hands on one. That is until we started carrying Fun Cups here at the shop.

The cups them selves are soft silicone cups that create a seal in the vagina and collect blood from menstruation they also have a small easy grip bottom for easy removal. I have yet to purchase one my self but I have been doing research to see if Fun Cups might be a good fit for me and in turn Ill walk you through it as well.

Where do you start? Reviews, All the reviews to see which cup might work for you. Hey Epiphora did a very helpful review of fun cups and I have linked that below. First Here are some of the benefits of The Fun Cups…

  1. They save you money – these cups come in a set of 2 and are one payment of $49.95 unlike tampons which get expensive especially if you like organic cotton ones.
  2. They are easy to clean- rinse these bad boys in-between emptying it and then wash with soap or boil for 3 mins to fully sanitize them.
  3. They can be used during sexual activities – Unlike tampons which can cause dryness or micro abrasions to the walls of the vagina the super soft silicone of the fun cups is great for foreplay and some people say its even comfortable during gentle penetration
  4. They are fairly gender neutral- I say fairly because they are still pink but the carrying case and packaging are very inclusive to any human who may menstruate.

There are also a few things to consider before you buy a fun cup. First is are you okay with a bit of blood on your hands? The process of removing a menstrual cup is something you need to get the hang of but once you do there is still a small risk of a drop or two of blood on your fingers. So if that doesn’t gross you out you are all set. Next is how heavy your flow is based on that you can pick a cup with enough of a liquid capacity to suit your vagina. After that if you have any other medical conditions you can always speak to your doctor first. Finally, a question I am still asking my self is what size do I get? A Cup is made of harder silicone and can hold a little less blood while B is made of softer silicone and can hold more blood. The best advice I can give is consider your flow and whether you have given birth vaginally or not and from there pick your fit.

My main source for more info: the boss lady her self