Gifts to Open Before Christmas Morning

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Gifts to Open Before Christmas Morning

Naughty/last minute gifts for a loved one to open before Christmas Morning.

Christmas is just around the corner! If you haven't and want to get your special someone(s) a nice gift you've come to the right list. Check out our Sexy Stocking Stuffers Pt. 2 post for stocking stuffer ideas that could also be used as gifts.





If They'd Like Something Cute...

Cand'ice Vibe - $54.95

In my opinion, the CUTEST vibrator we have. It comes in two colours, vanilla and raspberry. Not only is it super cute, it's also packs a punch. With 10 vibration modes contained in its soft silicone casing, you can't go wrong with this little guy. This is a rechargeable vibrator so you never have to deal with batteries. Charger and charm attachment for extra aesthetics.



Pegasus Pecker - $99.95

Just because this is in the "cute" section of this post, does not mean it's small by any means. This girthy pink and white silicone dildo has two cute little wings where the shaft and the balls connect. I know we already said girthy but I'm going to say it again, he's large (girthy). It's textured with lots of grooves and bumps for extra stimulation. Harness compatible and has a suction cup.






If They'd Like Something Pretty...

Utopia - $59.95

Another Love to Love product. They seem to make the most visual pleasing toys and we love (to love) them for it. They have plenty of other dildos of the same shape with different colours and effects, Fantasia glows in the dark! There is a general consensus that Utopia is the prettiest of the collection. These 100% silicone dildos are soft and flexible, harness compatible and have suction cups. A great starter dildo or a pretty warm up dil to add to the collection.



Bikini Panty with Criss Cross Detail - $19.95

Real pretty blue and black bikini panties that'll leave them feeling like a peacock. Phrasing this kinda weird but trust me, these panties are really eye catching. Black and blue lace with a little bow on the front. The blue shimmers when moved into the light. While the lace is made of polyester and elastane, there is cotton gusset (the inner lining at the crotch area, I had to Google this. I'm younger, forgive me) on the inside.






If They'd Like Something Elegant

Rear Assets Rose Design Plug - $29.95

A very pretty and elegant butt plug. Pick between silver, gold, or rose gold. The rose on the end of the plug complements the colour of the plug perfectly. Said roses colour also differs between the metal colour. These chrome plated Aluminum plugs are small and most suitable for beginners. Comes with a little baggy for storage.



Wine Red Collar & Leash - $99.95

A deep red paired with rose gold hardware and leash. The genuine leather is soft and comfortable. The inside is lined with sheepskin leather for your comfort. With three D-rings around the collar there are plenty of options of play. The leash attaches with a quick release clip. We've got a whole line of "wine red" BDSM wear and accessories that all match this collar perfectly.




As always, if you wish to find more you can always check the Art Of Loving store site, or come in and talk to our staff. Lots of great gifts for Christmas in here. And birthdays. And Valentines. And just because you want to spoil someone. Expecting to see some of you in February ;)


Peace and love!