How to Stop Shopping at Amazon

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How to Stop Shopping at Amazon

Supporting small LOCAL businesses like THE ART of LOVING is more important than ever. Small stores are struggling to stay afloat during these crazy times.....Vice created this great article to help you ween yourself off the big guys so your neighborhood can keep the little guys around.

How to Stop Shopping at Amazon When You Know It's Bad but Do It Anyway

What if I told you that breaking with a cartoonishly evil company wouldn’t mean the end of free shipping and great deals?

I signed up for Amazon Prime in 2016, and then I pretty much stopped thinking about it for a few years. Because everyone does it, right? More than 150 million people subscribe to Prime because it's easy, fast, cheap, and has almost everything anyone could ever need. (Among the purchases I made in 2020: Halloween skeleton yard flamingos, a book about rock picking along Lake Superior, the writing desk on which I’m currently typing this story.)

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