How touch influences who we are attracted to

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How touch influences who we are attracted to

Let's not neglect one of the main ways we connect with each other, touch.

While talking is one of the main ways we communicate and connect, we are also creatures that are excellent at understanding touch as a language. Touch deepens the connection between you and your partner(s) and has lots of benefits. Watch the video linked at the end to find out more.


Obviously sex is an intimate form of touch and a great way of forming connections, understanding, and trust. Buuut, a sole focus on touch (ie. holding hands, cuddling, non-expliciialy-sex-related-touch) has shown to build stronger relationships.



Date night idea:

Give your partner a relaxing massage and knead out all their stress with vanilla scented massage oil. You can chat and enjoy slowing down. Be in the presence of each other. Have a nice relaxing evening!

If you're going somewhere, take the travel sized Kama Sutra Weekender Kit with you. There are some other things that aren't massage oils in there but it's all touch based goodies.




Give this video a watch for more insight on the psychology of touch and its benefits. Maybe you can learn a little bit about yourself too.

Video link, click this if you want to watch a ~4 minute video! You don't have to but it has fun animations!




Peace and love!