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Another craptacular day out there. It’s almost like it’s winter in Vancouver. Weird hey? I’m trying to find some punny connection between telling myself to shut up about the weather and segueing into a post about gags but it ain’t coming. Gags. Gags fer yer mouth. This is what I’m talking about.

Gags historically have been an implement of torture, for silencing and also for rendering biting impossible. Because they have connotations of punishment and control, they are often used in BDSM practices. There are a bunch of different shapes and styles of gag which I'll go into in a second, but all of them involve the mouth. They can be worn as part of a larger bondage scene, or on their own, with the gagged party having different levels of control over wearing it. In combination with other restraints, gags can up the anxiety factor in a scene, which can be super erotic if you're into it.

The above is an example of a ball gag, which is what people generally picture when they think of a BDSM gag. The ball is generally placed behind the teeth and then strapped tight behind the head or as a part of a more complex harness. This holds the jaw open and prevents the wearer from articulating. It also muffles sound to some degree. Ball gags can be solid, most commonly made of silicone which is easy to bite down on and gentle on the teeth. Some ball gags are holy (not that kind of holy) like a whiffle ball, which make it easier to be breathe and can be a good beginner option.



An O-ring style gag on the other hand, holds the mouth open without blocking it. In this style of gag the ring is placed behind the teeth to keep the jaw open, and then strapped behind the head. This style won't muffle sound, but will prevent the wearer from articulating anything. They also tend to make the wearer drool a lot. There are different sizes of ring available which means things can still fit through the ring. O-ring gags also have a variant called a spider gag, which has prongs that fit over the wearer's cheeks and prevent them from flipping the ring horizontally with their tongue.


Bit gags mimic the bit used to control horses, however instead of tooth crunching metal, the bit is usually made of rubber or silicone. This is often paired with other toys like riding crops or leashes, and are very much about control. Again, the bit fits behind the teeth, but with this one the wearer is able to make kiiiind of intelligible speech (or whinneying, at the very least.) Even though reigns look great paired with a bit gag, it's important to be gentle as this style can really do damage to the lips and cheeks if used too roughly.


A gag can also be used to attach objects to a person's face. Dildos are pretty common, but there are also ash tray dildos, feather duster dildos, hoses that attach to open-mouth gags, or anything else really.

Like any other BDSM practice, gags have the potential to harm the wearer if misused. While a touch of fear an anxiety can be really exciting, it's important that safety protocols are in place and agreed upon before laying. Gags can, for example, make safe words impossible to communicate, so there needs to be a backup way of communicating in place. No one should ever be left bound with something in their mouth, because of the danger of choking. So play safe, friends! Safe and sexy!