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Holy crap it’s gross out today. Very glad to be cozy in the shop with my coffee and space heater and Sunday classical music on the CBC. But it’s not all cozy-coffee-sipping-cellos in here, there’s work to be done. For example, it falls to me to tell you aaaaaaall about



These! Awesome, gender-bending, allowing-folks-to-have-their-very-own-cock, strap-on harnesses! Strap-on sex, like any other sex, can be tricky at first. A cock can be an unwieldy thing, and using it effectively to pleasure another can be even harder. But that’s where the harness comes in. A well-built, properly fitting harness can make all the difference between floundering around like a teen (or adult! Or whatever!) and giving it to your partner like a pro.

So harnesses can be many shapes and sizes, worn on different parts of the body (like the thigh! Or foot! Or forehead!) anywhere a nice penetrate-y attachment would be welcome. But for the sake of brevity, I will be focusing today on the most common type of harness, the pelvic harness. In a pelvic harness, the dildo is affixed to guessed it...pelvis! This gives lots of manoeuvrability, and an alternate physiological experience. It also potentially leaves other genitals easily accessible, or allows for attachments to stimulate the clitoris, perineum and/or prostate.

Pelvic harnesses come in three main styles: g-string, jock-strap, or brief.


G-string style harnesses are comprised of a waist strap, and a strap the runs through the legs. This strap is perfect for attachments and can be stimulating to the clitoris. It basically feels like wearing thong underwear, and covers the genitals, so this may be the right style for some, and wrong or uncomfortable for others.


Jock-style harnesses have straps the go around the legs, instead of through the centre. This configuration leaves the genitals exposed and accessible, and provides added support for thrusting. This style is also more comfortable for those with their own dicks or testicles hanging around.


Brief-style harnesses are more like regular underwear, with a ring and pocket on the front for attachments. These can be very cute, and also good for those who enjoy rockin’ a cock all day long.

G-string and jock-style harnesses are frequently made of leather, which is super durable and can be very attractive. Leather ages extremely well and becomes softer and better fitting over time. There are however an increasing number of vegan options, with some pretty convincing fakes that can still provide that classic sexy leather look.

Like anything else, getting to know your harness on your own first is always a good idea. Learn how to switch out toys, switch out O rings, and thrust! Also, getting the straps all pre-adjusted and comfy will prevent untimely delays. The next step, have fun!