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Today on ins and outs I'd like to take a moment to talk about a company who's products I absolutely adore. They go by the name Liberator, and their products are totally life-changing.

While their line of 'bedroom adventure gear' has grown to include everything from erotic prints to fashion chokers, the Liberator name is still synonymous with their original line: sex furniture. 


I first become acquainted with Liberator at the Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show. After a long day on my feet handing out lube samples, it was impossible not to throw myself down on the room-sized giant beanbag looking thing in the booth next door. Only once I was lying on it did I realize this was no mere beanbag. It was kitted out with multiple sets of wrist and ankle cuffs, tethers, and vibrator slots! This massive sex-haven was a custom deal for the convention, but I soon learned that many of their other products, thought perhaps not room-sized, are equally awesome.


Their website features images of super-fit young people engaged in ultra-photographable positions, but that's not what interests me most about Liberators. Sex can be trying on the body, and age, illness, injury, or disabilty can add even more challenges. Liberator's sex furniture make even the most elaborate sexual positions more accessible and easier to perform! The Wedge, and Ramp both provide support for all kinds of positions (they have a comprehensive list on their website), and the Jaz Motion eases motion and rhythm! These comfy pillows also allow people to get into just the right position for their lover to hit that spot.  Or, for solo sexy times, the Axis has a slot to fit a Hitachi Magic Wand


Another Liberator product I'm a huge fan of is the Fascinator Throw blanket, a super plush and comfy washable blanket that protects bedding or floors from even the wettest play. Our awesome presentor Red Robin uses the throw during our live squirting demonstration!


So whether it's a room-sized bean-bag sex-paradise, or a simple ramp that relieves back pain during sex and allows for deeper penetration, I am onboard with Liberator's mission to make bedroom adventures comfier, sexier, and more accessible.