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Hello friends,
While the ever popular and extremely informative Anal Play for Women seminar goes on behind me (with a LIVE DEMO no less!) I would like to take a few minutes to talk about male genital desensitizers.

So much of the sex toy and tool world is about increasing stimulation, adding textures and vibrations, pressure, suction, lube, electricity, you name it! But sometimes what people need is not more sensation, but less.


Men are constantly being bombarded with the message that they ought to be able to have sexy sessions lasting hours and hours (to the joy, or despair, of their partners), and feel that their arc from erection to orgasm is too short. Other men have extremely sensitive glans (that's the head!) and find having it touched to be too much, or even painful. And some people just like a bit of numbness (I have yet to meet any of them, but for some reason I feel certain they are out there).

For these people, there are desensitizing tonics.


Most desensitizers have either benzocaine (like Pro Longer ) or lidocaine ( like Stud 100 ) as their main numbing ingredient. These are both topical anesthetics, which block the nerves in the numbed area from sending signals to the brain, and cause a surface numbness when put on the skin. These come in different concentrations and different media, from sprays to creams, to salves.

Of note: unless your partner is also wanting desensitization, wait for the cream or spray to fully sink in and dry, so as not to share. Another option is to just throw a condom over top; these products are condom safe.

Another option is the very mysterious but much lauded China Brush, or Seifan Kwang Tze's Solution. Right away in my investigation I ran into an interesting little enigma. The first ingredient listed on the box is Garro Wood, which does not seem to exist on the internet except in reference to China Brush itself! No online encyclopedia had any entry on Garro Wood, nor did any dictionary. But it is the first ingredient, and therefore, presumably, the main ingredient. Curious. Next up, the Bezoar. A quick search revealed this definition:

A bezoar /ˈbiːzɔər/ is a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system, though it can occur in other locations.

Ok. So a bezoar can be composed of anything really, so long as it is trapped in the GI tract. Interestingly, the word 'bezoar' comes from the Persian word pād-zahr (پادزهر), which literally means "antidote", and was sought in medieval times as an antidote to poison. What the heck is this wizardry?? (Also, and this is serious because I just made this mistake, do not ever ever under any circumstances do a google image search for 'bezoar'.)

The next ingredients are a bit more commonplace, clove, ginseng, and cinnamon. These are frequently found in sexual supplements for their aphrodisiac properties, as well benefits to cardiovascular health. So I can't say I fully understand what China Brush is, but people go nuts for it. Popular opinion says: it works.

So there you go folks. Brief but beautiful. Desensitizers.