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My boyfriend has been away for the past couple weeks, and is returning tomorrow. He’s been in the frigid Arctic, and when we talk on the phone I can hear the freezing cold air in his voice. I’ve been trying to think of something nice I can do for him when he gets back (like cooking his favourite stew), and coming into the store today, I thought of something else. Sexy massage with warmed, edible massage oil? What could be better!

Luckily, we have just the thing. Massage oils are lovely, but sometimes they come out of the bottle a little cold, especially this time of year. The solution? Package the oil in candle form, light the wick, and let it melt into a deliciously warm puddle of scented, edible oil. Yum.


There are a few options for massage candles, but Earthly Bodies does them really well. They’re formulated with 7 natural oils (soy, hemp, avocado, almond, vitamin E, jojoba, and apricot seed), and little else (actually, just one thing, body safe fragrance), so they’re super good for your skin too. And unlike wax, they burn at just a couple degrees over regular human body temperature, so the oil isn’t hot, just nice and warm. Sounds like exactly the thing for a guy who’s been walking around in dry, -20 degree air.


This is what I imagine he looks like...

I’m going for Vanilla, just cause it’s my favourite, but the edible ones come in grape and peach and strawberry, and are all equally delicious. There are also non-specifically edible ones (ie still safe to ingest, just not flavoured like foods) like guava, and skinny dip (which smells like some kind of amazing tropical resort drink).

If you’re not into scents, another way to get a warm, moisturizing massage is with plain old coconut oil. Coconut oil heats up quickly to skin temperature, just put a little between your palms and rub before rubbing your lovers’ skin. The nice thing about this too is that if things get a little heavier, its makes a great lubricant too. (A quick note here, coconut oil is only safe to use as a lubricant if you aren’t using latex condoms. Oils break down latex, meaning condoms are no longer reliable for protecting against pregnancy and stds. But if you’re with a fluid-bound partner and not concerned about pregnancy, go for it!) You also want to make sure you're using 100% pure, organic coconut oil, to make sure there's no weird contaminents or additives going into your most sensitive spots!

Now that I've made my decision tomorrow can't come soon enough!