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....It's a pulsar. A type of neutron star. Cause it, y'know, pulsates.

Sex toys and vibration are seriously entwined concepts, so much so that the name “vibrator” seems to be interchangeable in some people’s minds with “dildo” or even “sex toy”.

But not all sex toys vibrate, and not all people love vibration. For those that do, there are a literal million options out there, and they keep getting better and more innovative (We-Vibe Sync anyone?) But for those who find the sensation of vibration to be like an army of angry bees assaulting their most prized of organs (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything) I present to you an alternative: The Pulsator.

When Fun Factory released its Stronic line, they made it very clear that these were no mere vibrators. No no, these are pulsators, and they’re pretty freakin’ cool. Instead of the standard spinning motors that create the sensation of vibrator in the toys we know and [maybe] love, Stronics have a thrusting motor, which uses magnetism to drive a weight back and forth in a linear motion. That means instead of vibrating, the Stronics thrust like a partner would. This is good news for forearms, as it eliminates the need to expend all kinds of energy ramming a static dildo in and out of wherever. With the stronics, you can more or less just lay back and enjoy.


The stronics come in four varieties: The Eins, Zwei, Drei, and Bi (which is more than just fun to say). The Eins is a nice, thick penetrator with a satisfying weight and a small raised bump at the base for clitorial stimulation. The Zwei is shorter and thicker, and ergonomically shaped for G and P spot stimulation. It also has flared protrusions around the base for clitoral or perineal stimulation. The Drei is covered in delicious raised ridges and is the longest of the group, with an upward curve perfect for the G spot. And finally the BiStronic Fusion, which features a more compact body and a flexibler clit tickler arm (which does vibrate! While simultaneously being rammed forward and back by the stronic action. Pretty unbelievable.)


So there you have it folks - awesome options for those who’ve been let down by vibrators or sex toys in the past. They’re waterproof, rechargeable, and made of %100 silicone, all the features you’d expect from high-end toys like this. They come with Fun Factory’s awesome two year warranty too, which is nice considering the price (you get what you pay for though I guess!) Now they just need to engineer one that works with a strap on harness.