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So last week was all about dulling the senses when they prove to be too…well, sensitive! But sometimes the opposite is the case, senses not sensitive enough! Luckily there is an entire world of products designed with exactly that situation in mind, and ‘cause “topical stimulants” doesn’t sound all that sexy, let’s call ‘em stimulating potions!


So there are all kinds of products that do various things to the skin, but I’m going to focus on those that are designed specifically with the female anatomy in mind.


O’My Topical Clitoral Pleasure Gel

I started with this one because it has the fewest ingredients. Suspended in a water and glycerine formulation, the active ingredients are grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and menthol. GSE is widely used as a natural alternative to chemical preservatives for its anti-microbial purposes, but it also increases blood flow. The clitoris’s arousal response is very similar to that of the penis: namely, it engorges with blood. The second active ingredient is menthol, which, when applied to the skin, causes a tingling sensation. Menthol also acts as a mild topical irritant, and before you go running let’s look at what that word actually means. When the skin is irritated it flushes and swells, which is exactly what happens to tissue during sexual arousal. Yah dude, getting sexually aroused is getting irritated (hot and bothered much?) So let’s just get that out of the way. A lot of these ingredients are going to be irritating (but just the right amount!)

Sliquid Stimulating O Gel

So sliquid’s version is a little bit more complex, and also glycerine and paraben free which is always a bonus. While glycerine has hygroscopic properties useful for turning water into gel (a feat all water based need to achieve in order not to be thin, runny messes) it’s also a kind of sugar, which can create yeasty problems in warm, moist environments). Instead, Sliquid has used cotton in this role, which doesn’t cause the same kinds of irritations. Its active ingredients are peppermint and menthol (same tingling as above), and sweet almond oil as an emollient (meaning it increases the skin’s hydration by reducing evaporation). Other than that it’s pretty simple, with some natural preservatives (potassium sorbate ad citric acid) and some generally good-for-the-skin stuff (vitamin e and some herbal extracts).


Blossom Organics Pleasure Arousal Gel
Blossom organics is a company whose products are all formulated with a woman’s natural pH balance in mind. The vagina is a self-regulating system, and introducing harsh ingredients can throw off that balance, allowing bacteria and yeast to flourish. That being said, I was surprised to find glycerine in this product, when their website lists it as an ingredient to avoid in the section of that name. This isn’t a lubricant though, and is designed just for clitoral application. So maybe it’s okay. This gel also has menthol and peppermint, and also arginine and niacin (vitamin B3). These ingredients all create tingling and stimulate blood flow, as we’ve been discussing, likewise the rest, which are moisturizers and herbal extracts (peony, passion flower, rose hip, and evening primrose).


Yes Cream
Next up we have local company DermaMed’s offering: Yes Cream. This is an interesting products, because it’s not just about immediate before sex application and short term effects. The ingredients in Yes are formulated to provide long term change and health benefits. And unlike the previous products listed, it can also be used as a lubricant. The list of ingredients is pretty long with some interesting stuff in there. Stimulation-wise you’ll find the usual suspects (arginine, peppermint) as well as general healthy skin type stuff (vitamins A and E, aloe, shea butter, olive and apricot kernel oils, vegetable glycerine) but it also has some stuff I’d never seen before. Wild yam, for instance, stimulates and balances female hormones, while Damiana is a powerful aphrodisiac. Motherwort and releases tension and helps with stress and fatigue, and gingko with blood flow and energy.


Last but certainly not least we have Intimate Organics’ Discover G Spot stimulating gel. This is similar to the previous products except that it is designed for use internally, on the “G Spot”. The G spot is a spongy area about an inch inside the vagina, on the anterior wall. It is essentially the other end of a long bundle of nerves which includes the clitoris and runs along the inner labia as well. G Spots respond particularly to pressure, and what this product does in enhances the size and sensitivity of the G spot (read: swells slightly). It does that with our now well established cast of characters (arginine and peppermint) but is totally safe to put inside the body (no menthol, which can be drying to a vagina’s delicate natural balance). It also has Goji extract in it, which is supposed to enhance sexuality by stimulating hormone production.

So there ya go! Lots of options for a little boost to the ol natural responses.