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So there are a number of things in the store that customers always pick up with a total look of bewilderment. They turn them over in their hands, and when they finally find a button or switch their eyes light up like “woah!” One of these items is the Womanizer, and I will admit, it’s novel, it’s slightly confusing to look at. But oh my god, it is awesome.

Ok so the thing about vibrators, is that manufacturers have been in a bit of an arms race over who can come up with the strongest, the most explosive, the fanciest-shmanciest vibrating sensation that ever blew your mind. The result of this is that we now have some of the most intense vibrators imaginable (the Lelo Siri comes to mind, even the tiny Joie bullet packs a massive punch!) and that people are getting used to stronger and stronger sensations. The womanizer isn’t this. The womanizer is pioneering in another, gentler, subtler direction. Instead of going for stronger, the Womanizer went for different; it does something no other clit toy on the market does: it sucks! Yup, it’s basically like a blow job for your clit, and yah it vibrates a little too.


 There have been toys in the past designed to suck clit, but these have been pretty underwhelming, with not much sucking power, and annoying, unwieldy pumps and tubes. The Womanizer is super compact, and its little silicone cup fits snugly over the clitoris, making a seal. The cup then sucks and flutters, and its approach is subtlety and finesse. I’ve heard people say things to the effect of: huh….it’s not very strong. But that’s precisely the point. The toy makers wanted to move away from the ever increasing, clit-jangling madness that is every toy on its highest setting these days. What it provides is less “bulldog-eating-oatmeal” and more like the gentle lip flutters of a precise and talented cunnilinguist. Feels great on nipples too!


Since the original womanizer’s success, they’ve since come out with the ‘Pro’, a slightly amped up version with the added benefit of being a bit quieter than the original. They come in a bunch of cute colours and patterns too, if you, ya know, wanna match your outfit or something. And, as is always the case when something novel and ground breaking hits the market, the Womanizer has spawned its own off-brand knockoff, which, while lacking the visual pizazz of the rhinestone button, is a good option for those budget-minded orgasm lovers. The satisfier, as said knock-off is named, is a little louder, but equally powerful, and some might even prefer its silicone suction cup, which is a little larger and has more surface area than the womanizer’s.


Either way, it’s nice to know there are toy manufacturer’s out there who are willing to ignore the big dick vibration contest in the world of sex toys, in favour of something new.