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A quick word today (while the Squirting Live Demo goes on in the background) on one of the more frequently perplexing objets dans notre store. One of those items that gleams behind glass and elicits fear tinged with excitement (or the other way round): the Wartenberg Wheel.

Like many objects of pleasure, the Wartenberg Wheel comes to us from medicine. The wheel was originally a tool for gauging neurological health through skin sensation. Drawn slowly across the skin, each pin of the wheel lightly pricks the skin (while the doctor monitors the skin's reactions. Lack of reaction can mean poor neural connectivity to the area and be an indicator of nerve damage. The reaction on the other hand, can range from a shiver to a wince.


It’s those reactions that make the Wartenberg wheel such an enticing sex toy. It’s a scary looking thing, and that little glint of fear can add a lot to sexual anticipation, especially when combined with a little bondage. There is also a trust game being played, the wheel doesn’t hurt when only pressed lightly, but those pins are needle sharp, and can easily puncture skin with enough pressure.


They range in size, from one spinning wheel lined with little pins, to five or even six spinning wheels with full on needle spikes. Some are even wired to an electrostim device, which sends electrical shocks along the pins and into the skin (it’s a pretty intense feeling). They look awesome arrayed on a table, especially along side other implements of (consensual, all-in-good-fun) torture.

So there you go baffled customers, no need to be baffled anymore. It’s pretty much exactly what it looks like: a pokey wheel of fun.