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The Laya II is a vibe people often look at with a bit of confusion. Its an odd shape that is actually wonderfully comfortable.

It fits to your hand and wrist so it can be used for a long time with out hand discomfort. Fits great for solo play but also small and easy to add to partnered play.

Since its fun factory that means travel lock! Chuck it in a bag or suit case with out fear of unexpected buzzing. Small and discreet, it’s easy to slip into a suitcase (and under TSA’s radar, if you’re concerned about comments)

Another plus is the soft silicone exterior and powerful rumble that is somehow super quiet. Fun Factory never fails to amaze us. Enjoy the Laya’s 4 speeds and 6 patterns so you don’t get bored but also not confused by endless options.

 So come by our Vancouver sex toy shop and pick up a Laya II to try out for your self.