Let's Talk A Little About Menopause

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Let's Talk A Little About Menopause

According to Health Line, between 25 to 45 percent of post-menopausal folks say sex is painful. We're all about encouraging sexual wellness so lets dig into that.


To not get too into the biology mumbo jumbo (since I am heavily under-qualified to actually give medical advice), the simplified reasoning to why sex hurts during menopause is because of the bodies lack of estrogen. Estrogen does a lot of work for the vagina; without it, the vagina thins and becomes less elastic. For some people the pain eases after menopause, for others it doesn't.


A lot of other things happen after periods stop. Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and weight gain can all occur. This is all completely normal, and regardless of how you're feeling during this period (haha), you're still beautiful no matter what.


Cheesiness out of the way, painful sex makes sex less appealing. It also makes masturbation less enjoyable. These things could affect your relationship with your partner(s) and yourself. I think mindset is really important though. Be patient and kind to yourself. Talk with your partner(s) and know it's totally okay if you don't want to have sex or need to stop during intercourse. 


For mild dryness, combat it with lube! Drop by your local sex store *wink* and see what's best for you. The staff at TAOL can help with finding a lube that works for you. Or order online here for water based and here for silicone based. Again, take it slow and be kind to yourself. When in doubt, go to your doctor. I promise they won't judge, they're here to help. You can ask for low dosages of estrogen or find other ways to deal with menopause. That's up to you and your healthcare professional.



Enjoy the long weekend,

Peace and love.