Let's Talk About the "New" Penile Enhancement "Technique"

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Let's Talk About the "New" Penile Enhancement "Technique"

The internet sure is a place that exists. Certain online spaces have claimed "jelqing" helps increase the of your penis. This is the internet, let's talk about it.

As all phenomenons start, we're taking a look into the wild lands of TikTok. The newest trend being followed (predominately by teenage boys) is called "looksmaxxing." To break this term down into its two works, looks and maxing, it means to maximize ones looks. Usually this is to gain social status and just to be more attractive. There are a lot of techniques used to looksmaxx, like using a hammer to break and reshape your facial bones. Basically what I'm trying to tell you is that this is another one of those weird internet "self-care" fads. Please don't try to reshape your own jaw.


"Jelqing" is the technique of stretching your penis with hands or other methods while semi-erect. It's done in that micro-tears created will force new cells to grow. Allegedly it makes your penis bigger. Stretching you penis like it's Play Dough. Yeah this sounds like the internet. The internet rumours that jelqing is some ancient technique. I could post about how medieval folk drank horse semen for bigger penises and you could believe me.


What do doctors have to say about jelqing? Nothing good; surprise. Whittaker on Hims writes "...no doctors are convinced jelqing offers any improvements to your sex life." In fact, jelqing could damage nerves, Peyronie's disease, bruising, and more bad things for poor Richard. If you want a permanently bigger penis you're probably going to get surgery. A non-invasive option is to get a extender sleeve. We have some at TAOL here. Let's be honest y'all, if there was an easy way to get extra inches, the average penis size would be well above 5.2".


Similar to a lot of trends, it stems from the desire to be conventionally attractive. No you don't need a bicycle chin or "hunter eyes" to live a happy life. Obviously it's difficult for people not to compare themselves in the age on the web. If someone gives your shit about your looks that's on them for being an asshole. Let's just try to be mindful. Take care of yourself, be kind, eat well, sleep well, drink water, and don't no hammers to the face.


Peace and love.




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