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Today is the first day of summer officially even if it doesn’t look like it outside. We thought it would be fun to think of some flirty summer activates you could do with things in our shop.

Temperature Play: Get your hands on some glass or steel toys and then play with the temp a bit. Try popping the toy in the freezer for 10 mins or letting it sit in a chilled glass of water. See how the cold materials feel on different erogenous zones of the body like thighs, necks or nipples

Pasties: Festivals may be cancelled this year but pasties are still super fun. We have some in hearts, pizza, aliens and many more. Slap some on for a little nipple style.

Flavored Massage Oil: Nothing says summer like sweat and sweet treats. Get your favourite person laid out on a towel and massage our best edible massage oil all over them. Then carefully lick in off for even more fun.

Get your hands on all these fun summer toys and more at our Vancouver based Sex Toy Shop the Art of Loving.