Modern Tech and How We Can Optimize Orgasms

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Modern Tech and How We Can Optimize Orgasms

Let's talk about smart toys and how they can benefit us!

We're in the 21st century and live in a time where technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Today we'll talk about how all this modern circuitry can help us homo-sapiens. No talk about AI in this one-I promise I'll write and article when AI sex becomes a thing-but we'll talk about tracking tech. I, like many people really super like my privacy. When I hear the words "tracking" I usually associate it with my information being taken and sold. Not here to say that tracking is inherently a good thing but I think we can find some use in it for ourselves.


Whatever tracking toy you stick into yourself will pick up your pelvic floor movements with sensors and send that to the toys app. There should be a graph that displays the involuntary clenching of the muscle. Looks like one of those seismic earthquake graphs. If you use the internal toy with external toys you can figure out what gives you the strongest orgasms.


This is all to say that we can learn about ourselves via this tracking toys. Hopefully we can utilize this tech in a way that improves our sexual wellness and happiness. As always, take these articles with grain of salt. I am but humble monkey smashing keys on the keyboard.


At TAOL we sadly only have one tracking toy. The Elvie Kegel Trainer is an award winning kegel exercise tracker. Waterproof, rechargeable, silicone. If you're looking for something like that we got it.



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