More Reasons to Hydrate

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More Reasons to Hydrate

If you're terrible at drinking water (like me), and you're a hedonist (like me), here are some reasons why you should stay hydrated.

Hope everyone enjoyed the three days of beautiful sun that we had. Now it's back to regular Vancouver weather. Those sunny days reminded me that I don't consume enough water; I nearly passed out from dehydration when walking around. It's easy to forget I suppose. Water is vital to human survival blah blah. Yes, drink water so you don't turn into a raisin. I'm here to drink water purely for sexual benefit. If you are an enjoyer of sexual activity, we're here to give you more reasons to drink H2O.



Dehydration and Erectile Dysfunction

Smart people have pointed out that being dehydrated can make it harder to get hard. Lack of water makes blood flow poorly. Your penis needs water as much as your kidneys do. Let your penis be hydrated.




Water helps maintain natural lubrication in everyone. Pre-ejaculate neutralizes acid that can kill sperm. Pre-ejaculate requires water to be created. Vaginal lubrication also requires water to be created. If you're hydrating enough and have issues with maintaining/creating natural lubrication, lube out of the tube is always a good idea.



Helps With Mood

When you're dehydrated you're more likely to be irritable. Usually when you're irritated you don't get "in the mood" as easily. Also, being properly hydrated helps with body odor. Not necessarily a mood killer, but it can be unpleasant sometimes. If you've been drinking alcohol prior, balance every drink with a glass of water. Same goes for caffeine. These diuretics cause loss of hydration and does not help, even if it is a liquid.



Prevent UTI

Urinating post sex is super important, it helps flush out any bacteria that may cause you issues. If you don't have any water to rid, all that bacteria will have a nice sit in your urethra. If they chose, they may enter your bladder. Bad news bears.



There's more we could talk about but I think that's good for now. Try to get your two litres of water in everyday. It's just good for your general health. I'm more here to convince myself to drink more.


Peace and love.