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It’s a gorgeous day here in Vancouver, the sun’s streaming in and the shop is getting summertime hot. What does this make me want to be? Way less clothed. What does nudity remind me of? Nuru massage. Is this connection tenuous at best, and a slightly ham-fisted segue into an article about Nuru Body Massage? Maybe. Do I care? No.

Simply put, Nuru is an erotic massage technique whereby the whole body, rather than just the hands, are used to stroke and massage. Using special odourless massage lotion made from seaweed, the massager gets their entire body all smooth and slippery (which is, in fact, the etymological route of the word Nuru) as well as the body of whoever will be on the receiving end. The practice then consists of making as complete physical contact with the client or partner or lucky friend as possible. Physical contact is known to provide several major health benefits, including lowered cortisol levels (the chemical responsible for stress and its many trickle-down adverse health effects) and the release of oxytocin, a hormone which makes us feel secure and trusting of one another.


Nuru massage also has the benefit of being essentially a full body spa treatment. Nuru gel is made from the brown seaweed plant Sphaerotrichia divaricate, which is moisturizing and full of vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthier skin.


Chemistry aside, Nuru massage is just straight up sexy. Your lover’s body is already sexy, now imagine that body naked and glistening with massage lotion, rubbing all over you. Yah. And if you’re worried about potential messes, there are specialized sheets to put down to make sure all that slippery good stuff stays off your sheets, like the Liberator throw.

Interest peaked? Give it a try. There are tons of resources online (I will admit, a lot of these resources are porn channels. But I will have you know there’s nothing wrong with porn being educational! These are professionals after all!) to inspire you. If you’ve got a body and love physical contact, you’re gonna like Nuru massage.