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From the natural lubrication your body provides to the fun liquids bought at stores, lubrication is not only a fun part of intimacy but also an essential tool for safety and pleasure.

There are different types of lubes, 3 basics are Silicone, Hybrid, and Water-based. 
Silicone Lube can take longer before it feels tacky on the skin and dries up. Many people do not wish to use a lot of lube so this would be a good way to keep a good quantity while maintaining the slippery texture. However, there are downsides to silicone lube: Do not use Silicone lube with Silicone toys. The molecules from the lube bond with the toy molecules and can cause breakage on the toy. Another thing to note: it can stain your sheets.
Water Based Lube is another type of lubrication that is made from a base of water. Due to it being a water base, it is easy to wash off after usage and can easily dry on the skin. This can sometimes be a problem depending on preference, water base can dry out faster and therefore needs more added, it also cannot be used in the shower, pool, bathtub, anywhere where other waters are present. 

Hybrid Lube combines both the long lasting texture of silicone with the easy to clean natural water base lube. The Hybrid combines both silicone and water base creating a formula that can help you keep the lubrication on your body but also not have problems staining your sheets or ruining your toys.

Lube overall depends on the person and what they prefer for their body. Most people don't know the difference between lubes and end up have a hard time understanding the benefits. At our shop we offer all three types, different brands, benefits, and variety. If you want to expand your learning on lubrication, stop by the store!