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In case the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this is a product review for Sliquid Organics Silk.

Just so we’re clear, I was not given a bottle in exchange for a review, nor was I told to write this. The truth is I loved this lube so much that I felt I needed to share my experience with you. You can buy it online or in our sex shop here in Vancouver along with all the other sex toys we carry. 

Like a large number of people I use lube regularly, and considering that I have a lot of silicone toys, the lube I’m using is water based. I’ve tried a lot of lubes. Obviously right, after all I work in a sex shop, and I can honestly say that there are a lot of fantastic water based lubes out there, Sutil, Hathor, and Maximus spring to mind. However, the truth about water based lubes is that some of them last longer than others, but ultimately they don’t last as long as silicone based lubes. This can be a real problem if you’re using certain toys (more on that in a second) because you’ll find yourself having to constantly reapply lube, and let’s face it that’s a total mood killer. Fortunately Sliquid Silk has come to the rescue.

Compatibility: My absolute favourite thing about Sliquid Silk is that despite the fact that it contains silicone, it’s compatible with good quality silicone toys. Yay!! This is great news, because I personally own a few toys that tend to eat up A LOT of lube, however this lube seems to have solved the problem. By providing a little bit of silicone goodness, I find I need a lot less to move things along. The one point I want to stress though, is that I only use this with high quality silicone sextoys. We’re talkin’ Fun Factory, Vixen, and Lelo. Normally silicone based lubes and silicone sextoys are incompatible, however because Sliquid Silk has such a tiny amount of silicone it seems to be the exception to the rule. However, if you have some cheap silicone based toys I would not recommend this lube because it’s hard to know how it would react with silicone that contains fillers, as many of the cheap silicone options do. The best advice I can give would be to do a spot test on any toys you plan to use this lube with. Place a small dot of lube on an inconspicuous spot on your toy. Wait 15 minutes, if the spot becomes tacky, then don’t use that toy with this lube. That being said, I haven’t had any problems yet.

Consistency: Like the vast majority of SLiquid lube, this one is on the runnier side. While I usually prefer lubes that are a little thicker, I was willing to make an exception for this one. What it lacks in thickness it certainly makes up for in performance.

 Unsurprisingly Sliquid offers both regular and organic versions of this lube. Both versions are free of gluten, parabens, glycerine, and a whole host of other things that you wouldn’t want in your body. They’re also 100% vegan friendly and pH neutral.

Overview: All told I love this lube, and it has quickly become my go to option for sexy times. The only way this lube could be any better was if it were available in a bottle with a pump top.