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I am not a rope expert it was only when I started working at The Art of Loving that I got my feet wet with some basic rope knowledge. So, as a new to rope person I thought it might be good to break down the basics about the rope it self so that you get to know your materials before diving into bondage.

Rope Types: We carry HempJute and Nylon
   Both Jute and Hemp rope must be treated before use by boiling and drying and shaping, Lucky for you we sell per treated rope that is ready for play.  
Nylon is super shiny and synthetic. Its cheaper so it could be good for more decorative tying or simple practice but it can cause rope burn and won’t hold complex knots as well as jute or hemp. 
Hemp is a bit stronger than jute and jute is a bit lighter. Visually Hemp is rougher than jute and a bit duller but can still hold knots well. 
   For a much more expert view on robe come by Our Rope Seminar and let Robyn teach you all the basics here at the art of Loving in Vancouver