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Vibrators! A toy we can love and enjoy for our bodies, but which one is the One for you?

There are different kinds of vibrators and it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. Our store sells a variety... from plastic to silicone, battery to rechargeable, internal to (and/or) external! Lots of options I know, so let's walk through them. 

Our store sells plastic vibrators, they are on the cheaper side of the spectrum but it is highly recommended to use Silicone based toys because those are body safe.

We have battery operated toys which require 1 or more batteries for it to work, or rechargeable toys that can be charged with a USB or a magnetic charger. 

The main difference between vibrators is if they are for internal or external use (or both). Internal use means that the toy can stimulate you by penetrating vaginally. External use means that it can stimulate the vulva, and the clitoris, outside the vagina. The way you can tell the difference is by seeing the length of the toy, if it's too small (like The Bullet), usually it is designed to stimulate externally. If it is longer or has a curve to it, it is designed to stimulate your G-Spot and can go internally. If it’s meant for both internal and external, there is the design called “The Rabbit” where it is long enough to penetrate the vagina but also has an external part that vibrates for the clit and vulva. Some vibrators are longer for people whom enjoy more penetration, some are smaller.  Just make sure you find what is right for you and what makes you feel good.