Sensation Play

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Sensation Play

SENSATION PLAY is a category of play that explores sensations, whether or not they cause pain, such as temperature, fluffy, scratching, hot wax, tickling, electric, etc.

As always, this play is negotiated & consensual for all partners. Scenes may be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. You may only like playing with one type of sensation, try out a variety, or switch it up depending on the partner/day/scene. Some folks may even combine or alternate sensations in one scene! Preferences will be different for each person, and can change even for individuals.



Sensation Play Concepts


The roles in Sensation Play are much like Impact:

Top - the person giving the sensations

Bottom - the person receiving the sensations

Switch - a person who enjoys doing & receiving


some may explore pain as part of Sensation Play, others may prefer other sensations -- negotiate & chat intentions!


Warmup / Cooldown - while intensity may vary, bottoms may still want a warmup/cooldown -- ask!

Sensation Play can also be combined with other types of play for a blended play scene

i.e. alternating with impact or incorporating D/s




Sensation Play & Mindfulness


Sensation Play can be a great mindfulness exercise!

As you play with different sensations notice how they feel in your body. Reflect on the sensations as they happen or as part of aftercare.

where do you feel the sensation most? does it also travel to other places in your body?

what comes up for you as you notice the sensations? any thoughts, emotions, visuals?

breathe in time with the sensations

ex.: inhaling as the wax is readied to drip, and exhaling as the drop falls

tops & bottoms try breathing together!




Sensation Play Safety


discuss sensation types beforehand

favorites, curious, never tried, & hard limits


negotiate for marks

if it's okay to leave them & if yes where


be informed & risk aware!

learn how to play with the sensation type safely

buy the right supplies (ex. wax play candles are different than regular candles!)

discuss the risks related to the scene with your partner as part of negotiation (i.e. if cuts or burns are possible, is this play a no-go?)


Originally written by Quinn and posted here.