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We often talk about lubes in very general terms; water vs silicone, how to pair with condoms, how to pair with toys...etc etc. However, I find that these sweeping generalizations are often not enough to fully orientate people when venturing into the world of lubes.

That Is why I've put together a handy dandy, specific list of lubes available at our Vancouver sex toy store that I LOVE, and what they're best used for. Let's dive head first into the slippery stuff!

My favorite trusty basic: Naked Silk is my number one go to, all purpose lubricant. It has a great milky colour and thick consistency which makes it feel very natural and similar to naturally occurring lubrication. It is water based so safe to use with all my favorite silicone toys, but also has a touch of silicone which means it doesn't get absorbed by the body as quickly.

My favourite hipster lube: Sutil is all the things that hipsters love; locally made, organic, and free of nasty chemicals like glycerins and parabens. It also comes in plain and flavoured varieties. If getting sexy without destroying the planet and your body doesn't get you extra excited, I don't know what will!

My favorite butt stuff lube: as anyone who has dived into butt play using nothing but spit and courage can tell you, the anus is not a self-lubricating orifice. Pairing a silicone lube with fingers or glass/metal toys has been an absolute life changer for me, as a very recent convert to the joys of anal play. Uberlube is one of my favourites as its discreet and beautiful packaging just can not be resisted.

Don't be shy to pop into our sex toy store on Broadway and Cambie to chat to us about any of these or other great lubes we have in store. But be careful; once you start playing with great lubes, its a real slippery slope!