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The human body is complex and a wonder for everyone. Additionally, the female body is one that works in so many different ways catering to so many factors and one of those is how the body expresses pleasure. Media has painted a picture on squirting as "fiction" and we are here to tell you it is indeed a real thing that all women can do.

The female ejaculation (squirting) happens when the glands are swollen from being turned on and the liquid carried there gets ejaculated when the vaginal walls tighten up. Many people think that it is something that they "cannot do" because it has never happened, from masturbation or any type of sex. Depending on how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally, or the toy, your body can express itself and show pleasure.

As I always say "the body never lies", it is the most honest part about a person, and many people have been able to squirt in the comfort of their own room alone because they feel more relaxed in that environment. You could replicate what you did "that one time" with a partner and it not happening because there are several factors happening at once. Trying to "look sexy", trying to make the other person cum, trying to show that part of yourself to them... several! And the more pressure you are under, the less likely anything will happen: the book "Come as You are" by Emily Nagoski expresses that beautifully.

We host seminars all about squirting and the G-spot at our store because we believe everyone needs to understand how the female anatomy works and why women express different types of reactions to pleasure.

We will have an upcoming seminar this Thursday and we look forward to seeing you there!