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I was re-reading blog post archives, and came across this story:

Submitted by Anonymous

I once dumped a girl because I thought she had peed on me during sex. I was giving her head and using my fingers too, then all of a sudden me and the bed were covered in liquid. I asked her if she had peed on me and she said she didn’t think so and got super offended that I had even asked. I guess I figured she was too embarrassed to own it, and I was too young to know what it really was so I dumped her. It wasn’t until I grew up a bit and met someone else who ejaculates that I realized how stupid I had been.

Well Anonymous, glad to hear you learned later on. As unfortunate as it is that someone got dumped because they ejaculated, let’s not blame Anonymous too much. Sex education, from my experience, is incredibly bare bones (and hetero-normative). I don’t remember learning about female ejaculation in the slightest.

In an effort to bring more awareness to squirting, I’ll direct you to an article by “Clue”.

I love how this article addresses the gendered aspect of female ejaculation as well. The term female ejaculation doesn’t mean it’s only experienced by women, because sex ≠ gender. So, squirting can be experienced by anyone, depending on their parts.

Read here!