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So. Not to get too personal or anything, but I love me some shower sex. Getting to be both squeaky clean AND dirty just really ticks off a lot of boxes for me (plus, ya know, the water-saving bonus of showering together and those sweet bathroom acoustics.)

One thing shower sex has a lot of is smooooth surfaces, and smooth surfaces are the perfect place to put suction cup dildos. Suction cup dildo + shower bj is a helluva combination. And that got me thinking, what are some other sweet spots for suction cup dildos?

Kitchen Floor

Nothing says passion and immediacy like banging in the kitchen, and kitchens also usually have smooth flooring. Floor mounting is great for getting a little anal or vaginal penetration while giving a blowjob, or can be fun for solo play, giving the opportunity to actually ride your favourite dildo and giving your wrists a break. Bonus homework: fridge door or countertop.

Full-length Mirror

For a “from-behind” experience that puts on a super hot show for anyone around, try mounting a suction cup dildo to a full length mirror. Bonus homework: if using vaginally, turn around and do it front-facing. You get to see how gorgeous you are!

A chair

This position has comfort in mind, and works great both vaginally and anally. Straddling the chair you can use the chairback for support, and facing away from the chair you can lean forward and bounce. This is good for either bouncing or grinding, and can allow for a lot of depth control. Bonus homework: if you’ve got a guy who’s into p-spot stimulation, get him to sit on it, and you sit on him!

A Window?

Only for the boldest of the bold.

So what do you need? Other than a taste for adventure and trying new things, you’ll need a suction cup dildo. Well, as always, we've got you covered for sex toys in Vancouver (or anywhere in Canada by mail!) The Colours Suction Cup Dildos come in a couple different sizes and some pretty amazing colours, or there’s the more realistic looking Freddie, which is made of super high quality silicone and is nice and firm, or the all new Fuze Flame, which is a bit more slender and great for anal play. There are also standalone suction bases that can be added to toys that have a spot for a bullet vibrator, to transform your favourite toy.