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Chances are you have one or maybe many kinky fantasies. Maybe you don’t quiet feel comfy enough to bring them up to a new partner or maybe you have discovered a new one that your only just coming to terms with.

Either way you need a way to bring these kinks and curiosities up naturally. Here are some ways to get the convos going in the direction you want.

Start small- this is obvious but it can keep your plans from becoming to grand. Maybe you want to be suspended more than anything. First start off with a book on bondage and some quality hemp rope and do some light tying to get comfortable before diving in deep.

Talk First- Try playing with your fantasies in dirty talk form or sexting. Let your ideas run free without the sometimes awkward first attempts of new kinks. Then once you get more comfortable start acting out your plans IRL.

Visit a sex shop- Once you have discussed and played with the idea of a new kink you may need supplies. Come to your local sex shop, Like the Art of Loving here in Vancouver and get supplied with the best gear for any play scene