The Pressures of Climaxing

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The Pressures of Climaxing

Sometimes there's a pressure to have an orgasm. Some people have trouble climaxing, whether that's because of medications or struggles with your body, know you're not alone.

The "Problem"

It used to be an enjoyable journey to climax for me. It was part of my self-care routine, masturbation and sex was always enjoyable. After I started taking medication to treat my depression, I've noticed an inability to orgasm. For a long while I felt like my body was failing me. This put a strain on my sex life with my partner and my own sexual wellness. Something that came (haha) so easily for me now seems impossible and I didn't know how much it meant for my emotional well being until I couldn't do it anymore.

I've tried a lot of things to achieve that orgasm I was chasing after. Different toys, combining toys and stimulation methods. Nothing seemed to work. It reached a point where the goal of masturbating was to reach climax, but I couldn't, and that felt truly terrible.



The "Solution"

Since I know the cause of being "blocked" from orgasming, I could stop taking my medication. I'm not going to do that for obvious reasons. As much as I enjoy orgasming, I also enjoy being able to get out of bed and doing stuff with my life. In a magical world where I could afford a therapist I'm sure we could figure something out. BUT. I don't have one so I had to figure it out on my own.

My self proposed solution to not being able to orgasm and stressing about it is... To not stress about it. I know it sucks to not orgasm but why put pressure on yourself to do it? There's only so much we can do and sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and say "oh well, might as well enjoy the rest of it." So go enjoy masturbating and sex. Go have fun and enjoy the other things about them. Enjoy the touch, the intimacy, the other great things about sexual wellness. Relaaxxx. Go get yourself a nice new toymaybe at The Art of Loving ;)and enjoy yourself.


Peace and Love!