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Now when I say upgrade, I would first like to say your method is great but of course you can always learn some new tricks. So, with that in mind lets go over some ways to step up your masturbation techniques as someone with a vulva.

Credit for this article can go to Betty Dodson’s methods and writings on Masturbation and the belief that the world is a better place with better orgasms

As young women we have a lot of biases on pleasure, be it that you shouldn’t be having sex or that you have to cum vaginally or you’re not really cumming. These are things that get in the way of experiencing pleasure. Clear those out! You as a human being are worthy of pleasure, and here are some techniques to help with that.

Pressure Orgasms: “Look ma no hands” essentially all the furniture humping some of us did at a younger age. If you know this works for you employ it in other aspects of pleasure. Try more dry humping, its not just for high school or tribbing if both parties have a vulva.

Tension Orgasm: These types of orgasms are often the first ones we experience. Tight muscles held breath and lots of build up often to a quick strong finish

Relaxation Orgasm: The act of continuously relaxing the pressure and build up until you can’t help but orgasm. Not easy to achieve but edging techniques like this can help build up pressure and can also be a great teasing method.

Combination Orgasms: These are orgasms that take elements of all of these types of orgasms. Combining the pressure or grinding with the body relaxation or adding direct clitoral pressure to penetration.

Betty recommends adding a few factors to your masturbation practice to step up the experience a bit.

Start by adding direct clitoral stimulation in a way you haven’t before, get a new toy or give your fingers a try. You can also add less lube or more to see what works. If your someone who stays external try adding fingers or a dildo for added internal stimulation for a combo orgasm or experience. Next work in PC muscle contractions either while slowly adding a penetrative toy or in addition to clitoral stimulation. Get super aware of how it feels when your muscles tighten and contract. Let them relax and try and breath through some tension while letting other tension build up. Which brings us to the last tip. Breath! Use it, take deep long breaths or even purposefully hold it to see how your body reacts and how it can affect you.

Now take these types of orgasm’s and methods and see what you can experience!