Exotique Dripping Candles

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Exotique Dripping Candles

These low temperature candles will create a hot licking sensation without burning the skin. Exotic Spa Candles are made using highly refined paraffin wax to create a sensual product that has similar properties to the wax used for spa treatments. These candles are designed for sensual, soothing sensation, softening and warming the skin they are applied to. Never use general purpose candles for dripping on the skin! Typical carnauba wax candles melt at 180°F/ 82°C, which is still much too hot for human skin, and beeswax candles can melt at temperatures as high as 212°F / 100°C which is enough to boil water! Paraffin wax also varies, with some forms melting as high as carnauba wax.

5 Blackout colours available too! You will just need a simple black light flashlight or bulb to enjoy the radiant colours.

Safe Word Trio Pack: They include one red that is a little stingier than our regular one yellow that is our regular, and one green that is super gentle.

* Not Suitable * for all skin types.

Always test on a small area first, have a cold cloth ready.

How To Use Exotic Spa Candles ™

1. Ensure that you have a safe area to place the lit candles. The surface should be flat and stable, away from any flammable objects such as curtains. To protect the surface that the lit candle will be placed on you may want to use a sheet of wax paper.

2. Plan ahead! We recommend having a cold wet cloth handy to cool the skin if needed, a towel or cloth for removing any leftover wax, drinking water for the person who is receiving the wax, baby oil or powder (See Below), and a lighter.

3. Protect the surface you will by using for your person receiving wax. We use a cloth drop sheet! Also suitable are plastic drop sheets, shower curtain liner, or an old table cloth. The wax will likely soak into the material you use to protect the surface, and may leave oil stains.

4. From a height of 12-18", hold the candle above the skin that is to receive the wax. Tilt the candle slightly, allowing melted wax to drip onto the skin.

5. Check in with your person! If they feel that the wax is too warm, give them a second to process. When the wax initially touches the skin it feels very warm! When they are ready, drip more wax. If they wish the wax to feel warmer, move closer to the skin, adjust height for the comfort of your person.

* Optional *

Smooth baby oil or powder over the skin. A light coating of either makes the wax removal process a breeze, and if using oil the heat of the wax disperses along the surface, which is a lovely sensation.

Clean Up: The wax will peel off skin easily if you used oil or powder. Areas where the skin was dry or hairy may require that you lightly rub the skin with a rag or towel. Roll up the protective sheet and shake wax into garbage.

Pro Tip: Skin is very sensitive after wax is removed. Experiment with other textures on the skin, from fur to fingernails!