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Our store offers seminars, and many of those seminars are taught by Robin Beatch, with a background as an international sex educator, a nurse, a writer, a stripper... like oh my god the talent!

But what if you don't have time to meet her? You could always purchase her first book: a memoir "Call Me Holly: My Years on the Pole" discussing her experiences as a stripper.

Whether you have been curious about it or never thought about it before, her book is beautifully written, opening your perspective on what it is like being on stage. Filled with fun stories and comics to enhance the experience, this book is one you must read and will enjoy it from cover to cover. 

Our store carries her book along with her second book "Polyglamorous" that discusses the topic of polymory and the other alternatives to a traditional monogamy relationship. 

Come to our shop to do some book reading, perhaps even some light toy shopping? Adults need toys too!