Bachelorette Party Ideas from TAOL

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Bachelorette Party Ideas from TAOL

Need some fun, sexy activities for your bachelorette party? We got you covered.

Another bachelorette party post! It is sunny and beautiful and perfect for your summer wedding so we couldn't resist. Anyone else listen to the radio? No? Maybe? I'm stuck on CFOX getting lots of a specific diamond brand's ads, completed with their flat acting and line delivering. Admittedly it has gotten me thinking of finding a perfect someone. Is marriage FOMO a thing? Let's disregard my rambling and talk about party ideas we have for y'all.


We have sex related seminars every month. They'll always be listed and updated here. Our seminar tab is the best place to check monthly for new events. The seminars we host are great fun and educational, so you'll be leaving with something new you've learned. We host them in The Art Of Loving store. While our store does look small, after moving things around we can accommodate up to 20 guests. If any seminars interest you, why not book some tickets for you and your girls?


Alternatively, if you'd prefer some extra privacy, we host private seminars. That can be at our store or a venue of your choosing. We just ask you try to keep it near the Metro Vancouver area so we don't run the risk of cars breaking down, or alien abductions... There is a minimum requirement of 8 attendees but the fee is lower than if you attended our non-private seminars. So far we have three private seminars that we run.


Our "Giving Good Head" private seminar can be found here. The co-owner of the store Vera will be the one teaching it. With over 20 years of adult educational seminar teaching, you'll be in great hands. Learn some new techniques that will make your man begging for more.


We also have a "How to Have a Great Orgasm" workshop that's also taught by Vera. This one will go over techniques for self pleasure. Knowing what makes your feel good also helps you and your partner understand what feels best for you during sex. You can find the link to the page here.


Finally we have one for those looking to explore their artistic side. Nude Life Drawing? Ain't that interesting and fun. This private party does require a minimum of 16 guests, so you'll need to bring all your girlfriends along. All materials are provided. This seminar will go for around 2 hours. Find this one here!


Do keep in mind we (the staff and seminar leaders) need time to organize and plan private seminars with you, so the earlier you can book the better. Once you book we'll be in contact over email to sort everything out.

Wishing you a beautiful wedding!Photo by cottonbro studio: