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There are a lot of misconceptions about lube. The one that always bugs me is when people say women should not need lube for vaginal play since we make our own. This is a bias that needs to be re thought.

There are plenty of reasons why someone might need or want lube. A few are, Hormone changes from Menopause or transitioning, changes in self lubrication from meds or just because lube makes everything feel great!

Different Lubes are great for different activities so try out a few that work for your needs. Ill go through a couple basics so you can narrow down the crazy amount of options we have in store.

Lubes for Penetration with condoms: When your using an external condom, you need to stay away from oil-based lubes. So that leaves silicone, water based and hybrid. Hybrids tend to dry out slower than water based and silicone takes a long time to dry out but can stain your sheets. Our top picks are as follows. Uber Lube for a Silicone, Sutil for a natural water based and Fuck Water for a slippery hybrid.  

Lubes for Penetration with no condom: When there are no condoms involved you can explore play with oil-based lubes. Our favourite is plain coconut oil, but we also carry several oil-based lubes that are fun to try such as CocoNu.

Lubes for anal: For anal play you need all the lube so something that doesn’t dry out is great. For water based a thicker lube is good like Sliquid Sassy. Oil based lubes can be used it there are no latex barriers involved and silicone lubes are great if you’re not using silicone toys

Lubes for toys: Here Ill be talking about silicone toys as glass and metal ones can be used with any lube. For Silicone toys you want to stay away from silicone-based lubricants as they can wreck a lovely new silicone toy. Keep in mind most condoms are covered in silicone lube so be mindful when putting them on toys. A great option for toys are hybrid lubes as they don’t contain enough silicone to hurt your toys but they do have enough to not dry out too fast. The top pick for hybrids are Liquid Silk and Sliquid Silk.

Hopefully this gets you started on a friction-less fun time.

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