Why You Should Marry Yourself

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Why You Should Marry Yourself

A short video of people initially rebelling by marrying themselves; committing to love themselves before anyone else. We'll also talk about tips on how to love yourself. Expanding on the old post.

Video: Why Marring Yourself if the Start of a Great Love Story

Sologamy, lots of celebrities clam to be married to themselves. It's a "love yourself first" attitude.

Marrying yourself, someone who is always there and the only person that actually knows yourself through and threw. Gives woman a place in the world and better judgement to decide who deserves their love.

Traditional marriage is a prison for some people, most of the domestic work is carried by women. Childcare, elderly care, etc.

Marrying yourself is "an excuse for a party." Probably not the solution to a lot of things but a good start.

The video is really insightful and too profound for a person typing out blog posts for a sex store. That's me by the way. Now that the insightful part of the post is done I can talk about sex toys. Among other things.




As someone who has trouble loving myself consistently, I can definitely say that I need constant reminders to stop giving time to the wrong people and start giving that love to myself. Out of everything in the video, I will use self love as "an excuse to party." It is just after Christmas though so we can't go too crazy here.

A couple things to help with your one person party:


Set Your Space

Instead of making an invite list of all the people you want to come, you tell everyone that you need time alone. It's like an anti-invite. "Don't bother me." Politely kick everyone out and set up a space where you can feel peace/excitement/joy/fun/whatever you want the atmosphere to be. If you can't vacate your house, spend a night in a hotel or B&B. Just get a space for you.

Run yourself a bath, with candles maybe? Rubber duck?

Relax in bed, with more candles maybe?

Eat a nice meal with even more candles maybe?

If low moody lighting isn't your thing, might I suggest crazy LED lights? We don't sell those. Sorry. We do, however, sell candles.



Do That Thing You've Wanted to Do

Try that new ice cream, watch that show you said you'd watch months ago, try that viral makeup look, masturbate. Do things that make you feel good. Give yourself the time and space to forget all the stressors in your life and enjoy you. Buy yourself a new toy? Try a clitoral stimulating gel for an amplified experience? I'm not very subtle at this I know.

If you enjoy being eaten out you may like suction vibrators. The Aspira is quite popular, it's a 2-in-1 tongue like flicking and section toy. Waterproof and rechargeable.




The main takeaway is.....

Watch the video it's interesting and maybe consider my very, truly, undeniably, deep words.


Peace and love (yourself)!
Don't be a narcissist though!